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Wednesday, March 22, 2006
Croydon compulsory purchase order
The fight over the key Croydon Gateway site continues. The back story: Stanhope and Schroders own the land and want to do a scheme they are developing, but Croydon has chosen Arrowcroft as their development partner for the site, but their scheme was called in last week by the Government office for London for inquiry.

Then on Monday night, Croydon Council decided to go ahead with a compulsory purchase order for Stanhope and Schroders' land. This would give the council the land next to East Croydon station, and allow it to implement Arrowcroft's arena-led mixed-use scheme.

It is expected that the planning aspects of the project and the CPO will be heard at a combined inquiry now. Stanhope and Schroders promised to press on with their rival scheme despite the threat to their land. A spokesman for both companies said: ‘We've taken legal advice, which said that the CPO is not likely to succeed and we'll fight it all the way.' (via PW, again.)


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