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Friday, March 03, 2006
Friday news round-up
It looks like Richard Rogers's lobbying of Ken to get a dedicated Olympics design review panel has paid off according to BD. Expect Paul Finch to be chairing yet another committee shortly. Sigh. How many committees can the man be on? does he ever do any real work?

BD also announces that a vast majority of London's planners never discuss green building or sustainable construction with anyone - their colleagues, architects, developers, applicants. Their main source of information and best practice is Google, with half saying that they had no access at all to best practice examples.

Building Awards shortlists announced (from Building - subscribers only)

Not much else to report other than Neptune's proposals for where Alsop's Fourth Grace was meant to be look phenomenally awful. Boring, boring glass office blocks given 'design quality' (or so the developer thinks) by a few funny angled rooflines. And sitting in a sea of unvarying paving (no sustainable urban drainage here) without so much as a bench. Depressing stuff.

In the world of culture and design, some gossip about the Design Museum job has reached my ears but my lips are sealed.


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