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Tuesday, March 21, 2006
Ken gossip
Londonist is reporting (via Harry's Place) that Ken's had a foot in mouth moment regarding the (very much Jewish) Reuben Brothers (of Stratford City fingers-in-pies) which allegedly included the statement "If they're not happy here perhaps they could go back to Iran." Hmm. You might have thought our Ken had learnt not to make those Jewish 'jokes'. And they come from an Iraqi Jewish family anyway, so he got his facts wrong too.

Though bad race jokes are a trait he shares with other local authority top dogs: a nameless (Jewish this time) head of regeneration at a nameless borough recently called a senior German urban designer 'my little Fraulein', which wasn't really a smart move seeing as she works for the people who are basically his bosses these days. He also tried to play on being Jewish with another member of the same organisation, only to look a bit stupid when the other guy turned round and told him that actually, he had served in the Israeli army, so there was no need for that. He's on his way down and out, you'll be pleased to know.

(And that's without all the comments he made about certain colleagues of yours truly being female and therefore, presumably, incapable of rational thought.)


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