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Friday, March 10, 2006
Kings Cross comment
A trickle of comment from the press is starting to filter through. I'm actually surprised there wasn't more on my newsfeeds today - the decision came through late but not that late last night, and certainly in time for web and broadcast media to post it up. But hey ho, maybe no-one else is quite so interested in a derelict patch of hidden London as me.

Here is Guardian comment mentioning that KXC will not have any chain stores in the development apart from a few around the station, and three small supermarkets. "We are doing this to make King's Cross a destination you are drawn to by the bookshop with great South American authors, or the best canoeing shop in London or the best fashion shops," said Peter Bishop, Camden council's chief planner.

The Ham and High is quick off the mark with a comment piece, a piece specifically on the opposition to the scheme which mentions one thing I didn't know - that the former chair of the planning committee is under investigation for bias against the scheme, and even a whole article on the section 106 obligations. Local newspapers evidently rock.


Blogger David said...

st. martins

The Guardian comment regarding independent retailers is clearly excellent news. One wonders how exactly this will be ensured, and it will be fascinating, if it is a success, to investigate ways by which it could become a model for independent retail elsewhere.

Meanwhile, the same comment mentions three major institutions which are either considering moving, or have signed up to move, to King's Cross: the bfi National Film Theatre, St. Martin's College, and the Guardian itself. The ways by which these institutions plug in to what is essentially 'new city' will be very interesting to watch.

2:10 pm  

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