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Thursday, March 23, 2006
The Man From Below
A little light amusement: check out the new blog from The Man from Below - a dangerously funny satire on the development of the Thames Gateway.

I am the man from below. Current location: 15 feet below the forest surface, busy digging a tunnel, I must keep on going down for another twenty feet before I start going horizontal. Destination: near to the Thames Gateway, London. A place apparently for the future of housing as we know it, I've seen the plans, they don't look so good. My concept, my mission is to turn this around to make the Thames Gateway a sign of the future of living.

We aim to build underground homes that are safe and hidden, to make a place that has its own fence, its own thing, its own personality, a new way of living, a new chapter for an old city, populated by likemided people, a one stop shop for ideas, no pylons, no wires going in, this place will have its own wires, its own government, my organization will make sure of that, a new future for us all will be here soon. Destination TTGW, method of getting there: small trowel and spade, on arrival I will begin immediately digging below. Come join my organization, come join me, let the changes begin from below.

His mission is to return the Thames Gateway to how it was in Dickens' time, with the companion of a home-made version of Pip (from Great Expecations). And check out the first episode of The Man From Below TV:

Insanely brilliant, and terrifying. The line between satire and self-delusion is getting dangerously thin.


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