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Wednesday, March 08, 2006
MIPIM countdown
MIPIM - the property and development world's gruesome annual fest of deal-making and heavy drinking on the sands of Cannes - is coming along next week, we are frantically trying to finish our marketing materials in time, and the journals are all running previews. In the Estates Gazette, they are looking forward to a massive and 'intricate' model of Birmingham, Wayne Hemmingway promoting Bradford and the Jones Lang LaSalle beach cocktail party. Ugh. And apparently a whole lot of Eastern European cities are appearing for the first time - Kiev, Bratislava, Warsaw, Prague, Belgrade and even some minnows like Brno and Poznan.

The winners of the MIPIM architectural awards will also be handed out - for schemes including a gated development in Doha ('indigenous architecture without being kitsch', apparently), some stuff in Scandinavia, and the Bridging the Rift facility on the Israel/Jordan border, which wins the 'innovation' category.

And can't you just bear it, waiting to hear a band called Hot Property play, who are entirely made up of Birmingham property 'professionals'? What can I say. I'm glad I'm only deputy director and I don't have to go.


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