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Thursday, March 16, 2006
Our spy in MIPIM checked in with us this morning suffering from a cocktail-induced hangover and with plenty to tell. Most of it is unprintable if I want to stay out of the courts. But s/he has gatecrashed £400 ticket parties, nearly gotten thrown out of a party that she legitimately attended, chased after various powerful and somewhat lecherous men in search of new work, had some really good meetings, some really bad meetings, and has been asked to give an impromptu speech 'on-stand' for which the hangover is not really helping. But my ability to describe the trials and tribulations of MIPIM is nothing compared to the comic genius of Ian Martin in today's BD. It's not been uploaded to their online version yet but take it from me, he tells it like it is.
TIPPL is abbreviated French for "Exchange of Ideas Between Creators of Epic Space". But if you run it through the online translator you get "International Confluence of Drinking and Property and Immobilised Professionals."


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