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Friday, March 31, 2006
More reaction to the Environmental Audit Committee
Everyone's been piling in to the Commons all-party Environmental Audit Committee report that yesterday gave virtually every lobby some tasty quotes to play with regarding the lack of infrastructure provision for the South-East housing growth areas. The best bit was their assessment of a "ODPM's reluctance to take on the building sector but also of a fundamental lack of urgency in the Government's approach to ensuring that new housing and new communities are truly sustainable" by not paying attention to the risks of drought and water shortages and the extra traffic and strain on services that an expanding population will bring.

So the Countryside Alliance weigh in here. Prescott's reaction is here (quote: "The idea the government is going slow on infrastructure or the environment is absurd when we are increasing energy efficiency in new homes by 40 per cent this April and investing billions already in the Thames Gateway and other areas to support new homes" - and other politico-speak). CPRE launches a new report at a cannily similar time here calling the South-East 'England's California' (less a warning than a juicy promise, I would have thought! Endless sunshine and surfer boys?). BBC comment here.


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