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Wednesday, March 29, 2006
New Islington, mixed communities and other news in brief
Work has started on the 'eco-park' at the centre of the New Islington development, Urban Splash's high-profile scheme in Manchester which features controversial house designs by FAT and some masterplanning by Will Alsop. Obviously they all say it will be great.

The Joseph Rowntree Foundation and the Housing Corporation have launched yet another guide to creating mixed 'sustainable' communities. I haven't read it but I know what it will say. Mixed tenure, mixed economy, schools and parks and youth clubs are good things, being able to access public transport is also a good thing, and hey, all will be well.

Apparently Neighbourhood Management Pathfinders are successful. Well, anything that actually gets the different providers of social and public services talking to each other has got to be an improvement on the current situation where I constantly find no-one ever knows what the next department over is doing.

There's a new regeneration company in Harlow. "The principal focus of this local delivery vehicle will be on making things happen," said a spokesperson for the new company. No, really?

English Partnerships has spent £100m on a bit of land near Cambridge to build a new town called Northstowe. Apparently it will be our first 'sustainable' new town because all its homes will meet the ecohomes standard and apparently use micro-renewable energy.


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