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Thursday, March 09, 2006
New social housing policies
At a speech today, Yvette Cooper announced new policies to 'deal' with overcrowding and the lack of family housing available in the social rented sector. From the press release: "The proportion of new social housing built in London with three or more bedrooms will increase from 27% to 34% as a first step, the Minister announced today." I have to say that I'm not sure this is a big enough increase - will 5% really solve the horrendous overcrowding problems that I see in the estates around me?

She also announced the intention to consult on changing the statutory definition of overcrowding, which hasn't changed since 1935 and counts living rooms and kitchens as available sleeping accommodation, saying "It is crazy that the 1935 standards may not count families as overcrowded even in the extreme case of someone sleeping in the kitchen". Seems about time too.


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