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Thursday, March 09, 2006
Railway stations update
The Estates Gazette also contains an update on the proposed redevelopment of Euston and Victoria stations as part of Network Rail's new plans to sell off almost all station property to raise capital to mend the creaking network. At the moment they seem to be progressing fastest towards a deal with all the usual suspects (Stanhope, Development Securities, British Land, Grosvenor et al) bidding for both stations in one package. Paddington is also up for consideration but not on the market yet. Nothing, of course, about the bit I'm most interested in - the bundling of small branch line stations together that I was told was on the cards when I talked to Network Rail a few months ago. Maybe its time for another phone call.


Blogger David said...

March 17th's Building magazine has confirmed that Land Securities have appointed Hamilton Associates for Victoria, whilst Stanhope (surprise surprise) has appointed John McAslan + Partners.

12:12 pm  

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