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Tuesday, March 14, 2006
Toilet troubles
I love the seriousness with which only a Brit can address the subject of public lavatories. Yes indeed, today's Guardian contains 565 words on the subject by one of our revered London Assembly members - how the state of the nation's loos are a national embarrassment, a threat to public health and a major threat to our quality of life.

I shouldn't mock. Of course, I believe whole-heartedly that we should have a revival of good old-fashioned municipal loos complete with semi-grumpy attendants. But a whole raft of initiatives and policy-talk that ends with the statement "And finally there should be twice as many women's toilets as men's to cut down on the queues. And when planning new toilets we want baby-changing facilities in men's toilets as well as women's - men change nappies too!" -the revelation! surely a little merriment is allowed.

Petitions in parliament soon, I hope.


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