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Tuesday, April 11, 2006
£60,000 homes break ground
...if that's not an inappropriate way to talk about pre-fabricated housing. Prescott's favourite litte competition is about to get realised with construction work starting at several Barratts sites near Leeds and Northampton. I presume they are building the rather naff and twee designs that won the competition (more info here on the construction system etc).

Across these two sites, 96 homes will be built for a construction cost of £60,000. The remainder will be a mix of smaller and larger homes constructed with similar cost efficiencies. A minimum of 30 per cent of homes on each competition site will be built to a construction cost of £60,000. Each of the developments will create mixed-tenure communities, including homes for sale, rent, social housing and for first time buyers under a shared equity scheme.

Watch this space to see if it all works out...


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