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Thursday, April 06, 2006
After Turner, the Deluge: Dumfries
Just weeks after the shock withdrawal of funding from Margate's proposed Turner centre, by Snohetta & Spence, we now receive word that the £7m Dumfries Theatre Royal redevelopment has been scuppered, after architects RMJM had gone through two planning applications (second one successful) and Lottery funding and European money had been put in place. The Theatre Royal, previously the "flagship of the Dumfries regeneration", was initially to be refitted (or rather the facades retained) but on rejection by planning a bold, if slightly anonymous, newbuild was submitted.

Interestingly, the council apparently withdrew funding prior to awarding planning permission for the second scheme.

It looks like these "indispensable catalysts for local regeneration" are becoming ever more dispensable as the weeks pass.

Via this week's AJ (Subs only)


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