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Tuesday, April 25, 2006
Bigger than Poundbury. Be scared.
The AJ reports that in a matter of months, Prince Charles will submit a planning application for a massive new development outside Plymouth. Named Sherford, it is being designed entirely in-house by the Prince's Foundation and with input from Charlie's 'Enquiry by Design' method which is billed as a "traditionalist approach to public consultation." So that will mean questionnaires which are completely disregarded, then. You can look at all the documents on the council's site here.

It's going to have 4000 new homes, three primary schools, one secondary school and various other commercial uses. This is New Urbanism on a big scale for the first time in England. While a lot of the Prince's rhetoric (sustainability, walkable places, local distinctiveness) is absolutely right as far as I'm concerned, the way he translates this into aesthetic and lifestyle conservatism is, to me, not only regressive but also ethically dubious.


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