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Tuesday, April 18, 2006
Classic Thames Gateway doublethink
In a move sadly reminiscent of too many bad satires, while the ODPM advertised last week for a Chief Executive for the Thames Gateway, with a 'competitive six figure package' juicily dangled as a carrot to the person fool enough to take on the nightmare job, it has emerged that the three RDAs in the area are also seeking a Chief Executive for the Thames Gateway to 'co-ordinate the organisations' policies in the gateway'. Yes, the LDA,

Is this a late April Fool's joke? Has anyone heard of the concept of 'tlaking to each other'? So the call from various parties to streamline the delivery of activity in the Gateway has ended up doubling the number of well-paid and useless people wandering around the marshes of Kent in chauffeur-driven 4x4s. Super sensible. (via Building, subs only).

It just gets more and more absurd. CABE have been asked to come up with a 'design identity' for the Gateway in, oh, three months; Miliband wants a strategic framework for the area by the summer, only ten years too late; meanwhile various local authorities tear out their hair, no-one who actually lives there has the foggiest idea of what's going on, and developers make a lot of money building crap behind everyone's back.


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