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Tuesday, April 04, 2006
Crossrail U-turn
It seems like Labour decided that the risk of losing Tower Hamlets council to the dreaded Respect Party in the up-coming local elections, where Respect is running single-issue campaigning on Crossrail, is not worth it. It has completely scrapped the proposals, so controversial and which the cat-impersonating George Galloway said was the single biggest issue facing his constituency, to tunnel in Spitalfields, going back to the idea of boring from the two ends in Park Royal and Custom House.

So "no need for the works between Hanbury Street and Pedley Street or the conveyor along the Great Eastern main line. Mile End Park would not be needed as a site for stockpiling excavated material." Pretty much a full U-turn, good news for my local neighbourhood as 24hr lorry movements in this densely inhabited area was never a smart idea, and I hope this takes the wind out of Respect's sails as I have no wish for them to become my new local 'representatives'.


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