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Thursday, April 13, 2006
Design Director for London
Ken's new plan: A "high-powered" design director will be brought into the GLA to oversee development in London. The Architecture and Urbanism Unit will apparently be replaced by the design director employed by a small advisory board, rumoured to be chaired by Richard Rogers. The new group will have more than four times the budget of the existing A&UU.

Building Design offers a list of tips for the job, from favourite downwards:

Ricky Burdett (current GLA design adviser, curator Venice Biennale), Deyan Sudjic (recently appointed director of the Design Museum, critic, author, & architecture critic on The Observer), Rowan Moore (Current director of the AF and architecture critic for the ES), David Lunts (ex-ODPM and head of policy at the GLA), Elsie Owusu (Architect and Arts Council member), Chris Smith (former Culture Secretary, chair of London Cultural Consortium), Joanna Averley (CABE deputy, Olympic Delivery Authority), and Roger Madelin (familiar to Developing News readers, rather like most of the above in fact, from the King's Cross Central development).

Via BD.


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