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Tuesday, April 04, 2006
In brief: Civic Trust, Network Rail, Russian new towns and more.
Civic Trust Award winners announced. Including Lyric Square in Hammersmith, SS Great Britain in Bristol and Broadway Theatre in Barking.

Network Rail to spend another £11bn improving railways, apparently. So the great black hole continues to function as normal...£11bn? That's a lot of money.

Russia just gets weirder. McAdam Architects and Will Alsop's ex-partner Jan Stormer are to masterplan a 'totally self-sufficient' new town outside Moscow for 70,000 residents in response to the 'increasing demand for middle-class, Western-standard housing in and around the Moscow area.'

Make are to demolish one of the three remaining buildings from the Festival of Britain - the little information kiosk by St Paul's Cathedral - and replace it with something made from folded metal. Somehow this makes me rather sad.


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