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Monday, April 10, 2006
In brief: New Farrell tower, RRP rejected, SnOasis and crazy Zaha masterplan.
Terry Farrell's got planning for a great big new tower down my neck of the woods, on City Road off Old Street. It's not that nice, actually...

Richard Rogers Partnership's beleaguered Cambridge scheme has finally got thrown out by the planners. But they say they're going to stick at it and try again.

Kensington and Chelsea are arguing that Ken needs planning permission for every single congestion charge camera that he will put up in their borough, as part of their ongoing fight against becoming part of the charging zone. What a waste of public money this saga is. K&C should just put up and shut up, like the rest of us.

Suffolk planners have recommended that the SnOasis ski centre should be given planning permission. Yeuch.

And finally, to make y'all laugh (or cry) on a slow Monday afternoon, here's Zaha Hadid's idea of a masterplan in case you haven't already seen it.


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