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Tuesday, April 11, 2006
In brief: peerages, Ken's threats, some new roads and lottery news
Congratulations to English Partnerships chairwoman Margaret Ford, who got made a baroness today, and Sir Sandy Bruce-Lockhart of the Local Government Association and leader of Kent County Council, who got made a baron. Update your databases, everyone!

Ken Livingstone is threatning the warring Stratford City partners with public intervention. According to reports, the consortium will this week hold an auction where one of the partners will buy the others out, but if the public sector ends up having to pay for it all, it would cost a whopping £700m...that's £250 more on every Londoner's council tax.

£50m committed to transport improvements in the South-East and Midlands, including some roadworks near Peterborough and other bits and pieces. £50m is a bit pathetically small, actually...not really heralding a major investment to solve the infrastructure problems of the Thames Gateway.

Not strictly about planning or regeneration but today the Big Lottery Fund launched lotteryfunding.org.uk, a much needed portal which collates all the lottery funding opportunities onto one website. I haven't tested it yet to see how user-friendly it is, but at least it will be an improvement on the nightmare it all was before...


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