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Monday, April 10, 2006
Regeneration areas unsustainable
Another Toothless Academic Report That Points Out the Obvious. TART POO. Will it take off?

Stifling bureaucracy and lack of infrastructure are making the redevelopment of the Thames Gateway and Greater Manchester unsustainable, a report has warned. It found a danger that key regeneration projects are "creating transient communities where residents commute long distances to work, and may end only staying in the area for a short period".

Tim Dixon at Oxford Brookes carried out 54 interviews with the key stakeholders at six case studies in the Thames Gateway and Greater Manchester, such as Barking Riverside and New Islington. He identified a lack of commitment to providing community, education and health facilities.

It called for the government and agencies working in both areas to ensure infrastructure is place before development goes ahead. It also warned that redevelopment in Greater Manchester concentrated too heavily on flats with a lack of affordable housing. This could force families away, it said, by pricing them out of the market.

Tom Russell, chief executive of New East Manchester, said "There would be little point building a school before a development, only to find the population was the wrong age".



Blogger Tim Dixon said...

Thanks for the coverage, albeit a rather acerbic 'TARTPOO' categorisation! Sorry, but academics sometimes do have to point out the 'obvious'....

For the real story, see the press release and report link at:


9:13 am  

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