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Tuesday, April 18, 2006
Rogers back on Bankside
Fresh back from an Easter break in furthest Scotland (no mobile phone reception, no internet, joy!) there's lots of news to report. First up is the quite surprising news that Richard Rogers Partnership has been reappointed to work on the Bankside 4 site next to the Tate Modern.

Originally he was working on a residential high-rise building for the site, but after Land Securities, who owned it, saold the land to Clan Real Estate and Grosvenor it seemed that all bets were off. However now, Native Land (50% shareholder of Clan Real Estate - still with me?!) have asked RRP to look at the site again.

Alasdair Nicholls, chief executive of Native Land, said: ‘We have asked Richard Rogers Partnership, who enjoy a world-class reputation, to look at ways in which we can bring the site forward. We are aiming to begin consultation with local residents this summer.’ A planning application for the scheme will be submitted towards the end of 2006.

(from the AJ, subs only)


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