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Friday, May 19, 2006
End of week news round-up
David's choice of the week's news...

One in three London architects from overseas
A survey conducted by BD suggests that a third of all architects in London are from outside the UK. This is no surprise to anyone who works here. Even more diverse, I would suggest, are the capitals architecture schools.

Welsh Health Bonanza
BD also reports on a £1.7bn framework agreement from Welsh Health Estates, 'Designed for Life'.

'Trafalgar Square' for King's Cross
Ian Ritchie Architects are busy writing the brief for a major new public space in front of King's Cross, a development which stretches from the British Library to the Lighthouse building. It will apparently be the largest public space "carved out of London" since Trafalgar Square. Goodness knows the place needs it. The area is currently only good for extreme cycling (one on one combat with taxis, lost pedestrians, and bendy buses).

Biennale Pavilions
Chetwood Associates and David Morley Architects have both designed pavilions for the upcoming London Architecture Biennale, to be complete by 16th June. Both will be strategically located in Clerkenwell, the heartland of Biennale territory.

Hawkins/Brown organise mixed-use in a Brewery
The £53m regeneration on the site of the former Watney Brewery has won planning permission. Interestingly, water will be supplied by two brewholes used by the former brewery since the 19th Century.


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