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Monday, May 01, 2006
In brief: Ken and the waterworks, Sunand Prasad and more Tory policy
Ken Livingstone reckons Thames Water should spend its millions fixing water leaks instead of building an "energy guzzling desalination plant" in Beckton and is going to oppose the plans. The mayor believes that if the company worked to best practice in demand, supply and leakage management, it would be able to save seven times the capacity of the proposed desalination plant by 2029.

Glad to see the lovely and thoroughly right-headed Sunand Prasad (of architects Penoyre and Prasad) is going to stand for president of the RIBA. After two quite daft and actively unhelpful presidents, we hope he'll get it and restore some edge to the organisation. So far no-one else has put themselves forward, and nominations close on the 12th May.

And in a really easy move, the Tories have said that they will crap lots of regeneration quangos and 'return power to local councils'. Easier said than done, and how to ensure co-ordinated strategy and delivery, who knows. Unfortunately, I tend to think that you get rid of one lot of bureacrats and they just get new jobs elsewhere. In this case, in the under-skilled local authorities, or within the government departments that will be responsible for giving them money.


Blogger David said...

Here here! Prasad for President!

10:30 am  

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