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Monday, May 01, 2006
New blogs
Life is stil hectic so apologies for the stuttering stream of posts.

But two new-ish blogs have appeared that are addressing some interesting things. It's good to see more people starting blogging on the topic of housing, development and all the rest of the regeneration stuff. At Brickonomics - written by a 'rogue housing researcher' (how rogue? how does this rogue-ish-ness manifest itself in the research?) there's a lot of good stuff about housing (surprise!) which is well worth a read.

And over at this blog there is an admiral stab at a single-issue campaigning blog of which I would like to see more, and having more impact. Called 'Unlocking the potential of empty homes' it does exactly what it says on the tin - very in-depth coverage of the empty homes issue (which I do think is one of the major scandals in the debate around housing) alongside a lot of sensible suggestions about how to reform the policies that mean so very many houses lie empty around the country.


Anonymous Brickonomist said...

Thanks for the plug. I should probably 'fess up and admit that calling myself a 'rogue' was nothing but a shallow, exhibitionist grab for attention. But hey, it worked for these guys. I'm enjoying your blog so far, keep up the good work.

11:19 pm  

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