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Wednesday, May 24, 2006
The Super-Casino Shortlist
24dash.com announces the provisional shortlist for the government's Super Casino, to be whittled down to 1 by the 'Casino Advisory Panel'. They are: Blackpool, Brent, Cardiff, Glasgow, Greenwich, Manchester, Newcastle and Sheffield.

A further 31 local authorities will be permitted to host large/small (not super!) casinos: Bath & NE Somerset; Bournemouth; Brighton; Canterbury; Chelmsford; Dartford; Dudley; Dumfries and Galloway; East Lindsey; Gt Yarmouth; Hastings; Hull; Leeds; Leicester; Luton; Mansfield; Middlesbrough; Milton Keynes; Newham; N E Lincs; Peterborough; Restormel; Scarborough; Sefton; Solihull; Southampton; South Tyneside; Swansea; Thurrock; Torbay; Wolverhampton.

The shortlist now enters a consultation phase until 28th June. RDAs and members of the public are asked to have their say about the choice of locations in time for the final list.


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