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Tuesday, June 20, 2006
Design for London officially launched
From today's AJ online:

Ken Livingstone’s architecture and urbanism unit is to be merged with the London Development Agency’s (LDA’s) design team. The new organisation, called Design for London, will also be required to work closely with Transport for London’s urban-design staff and the Olympic Delivery Authority.

These wholesale changes will include the appointment of a new director of design for London, a position that will be recruited imminently. There will also be a new Design for London Advisory Group, which will be chaired by the mayor’s current architecture advisor Richard Rogers.

The new quango will be based with the LDA, which is about to move into Will Alsop’s Palestra Building in Southwark.

Of course everyone knows that Ricky Burdett is manoevring to keep his position at the top of this new organisation, as he was at the A+UU. It will be interesting to see who really does get it, and who gets to be on that advisory group.


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