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Friday, July 21, 2006
Ken's new powers...
In case anyone didn't already know, from the amount that's been on the news:

He can now overrule the boroughs to grant as well as refuse planning permission. He will be the lead on s106 agreements for those planning apps that he decides. He has control of housing money for London. He can appoint the charis and some board members of ACE London, MLA London and the London sports body. He also has new powers over skills development and waste, though not as much on the latter as he wanted.

Full details here. Everyone (well, IPPR et al) are saying this is a clear signal from Ruth Kelly that she's in favour of more devolved city mayors, dangling the carrot of increased powers in front of those cities consdering the big shift.

Predictably the boroughs are hating it. A senior adviser to the mayor said Livingstone intended to “kick ass” over planning applications, now that he had the power to grant approval for schemes refused by London councils and Ken himself said he expected some 'spectacular rows'. I can't wait.


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