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Monday, July 24, 2006
'Radical' Restoration
The Guardian has set itself and its readers an interesting challenge this morning. In the context of the latest series of the BBC's 'Restoration' programme, this time focusing on rural communities, the paper has initiated a public debate and, eventually, a restoration-style poll in order to find threatened or undervalued sites from Britain's 'radical' history.

From Newsblog:

"This summer, we want to commemorate a broader heritage by listing all the radical sites of Britain which are being sold short by their councils or communities. Alongside the villages of Restoration, we want to tell another story of British history and, in the process, make sure we preserve and popularise our enervating, explosive, uncomfortable past.

"It is up to Guardian readers and bloggers to help make this happen. We want you to nominate, debate and determine the landmarks of radical Britain. What are the vital landscapes, monuments and historic sites in your neighbourhoods and what stories do they tell? Are they properly signposted, interpreted or just ignored? Do local schools, planners and civic societies understand their significance? Are they under threat?"

The two projects aren't necessarily in opposition, of course. The most radical village in Britian, anyone?

Guardian Newsblog: Your chance to shape Britain's radical heritage


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