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Friday, August 18, 2006
Save our Gardens!
OK. It really is silly season, despite the plethora of what should be important news stories (bomb plots, wars, etc). Because the Tories have seized the moment to launch a Five-Point Plan on suburban back gardens.

Yes, really, and it is Friday. Apparently, without King David to protect us, our back gardens will be taxed, or stolen from us to build 'pokey flats' on. And bless'em, they even want to help out the nation of DIY-lovers with this little tidbit: "Stop new taxes being levied on home improvements and gardens". Just in time for B&Q's summer sale.

Labour's hit back hard. claiming that 'Tory policy would make it harder for people to...build extensions." So no tasteless conservatories under the Notting Hill Tories, then.


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