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Thursday, August 17, 2006
Thames Gateway news
Judith Armitt, current chief exec of Medway Council, has taken up the potentially poisoned chalice of becoming DCLG's Thames Gateway chief executive. She's meant to co-ordinate - well, pretty much everything in the nightmare of multiple agencies, crazy target-setting, floodplains and greenfields. Despite the six-figure salary I'm not sure how many people really wanted that job. Apparently she's one of CABE chief Richard Simmons' life mentors.

Meanwhile, DCLG is set to reveal the results of its recent decision to actually strategise for the area. A discussion document is currently circulating and a draft strategy will be unveiled for broader consultation next month, including a delivery strategy (hooray!) and an economic development strategy (what? haven't they already had one?).

And after three years of negotiations and public inquiry, DCLG has said that it will approve the massive development of Shellhaven, in Thurrock, as a deep water container port and business park that may create 16,500 jobs. Currently the site of a massive Shell oil refinery, this has been contentious, to say the least - given it's right next to (some might say on top of) the SSSI of Mucking Flats.


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