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Friday, September 29, 2006
Eco-friendliness everywhere
Conference season has seen an outpouring of love for going green. From the gushingly green David Cameron, to the pragmatically green Lib Dems, to Ken's bold announcement about only funding carbon-neutral housing in London, to Miliband's speech which again raised the prospect of Meyer Hillman-style personal carbon credit cards, to the TCPA and Friends of the Earth's mock Planning Policy Statement on climate change (backed by - oh, most everyone, as lending 'support' is such an easy thing to do) which promptly meant that Yvette Cooper announced that she would bring out a real one, it's all over us like a rash.

Cooper also said that all housing 'must' move to be zero-carbon - "it is going to be a challenge but ultimately we don't have much of a choice" - although craftily gave no timetable. Jon Rouse said that improvement were needed over a 8-10 year period.

So basically, it doesn't take Ken to tell us that the environment will dominate the next election. All this means for our sector is that developers are going to have to bite the bullet no matter which way it swings.


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