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Friday, September 29, 2006
Gateway round-up: it's not all going green.
It has emerged that only 2% of Stratford City's energy needs will be met by renewables on-site, as compared to the 10% required by the London Plan. They got away with it because the scheme was submitted for planning permission before the Plan came into force in 2004. Newham, which was allowed to retain control over the Stratford area, is now pushing Westfield to up its targets, as it submitted a new planning application this May, but I'm sure it won't be easy.

Quintain have selected Bellway Homes, with Stock Woolstencroft and Whitelaw Turkington landscape architects, as their residential partner for the Greenwich Peninsula first phase - 229 flats on the southern part of the site.

While out in Ashford, CPRE is stirring up trouble again, claiming that jobs growht has not been fast enough to justify the housing numbers proposed, which will therefore become "an enormous, sprawling hosing estate, all of whose population trawl up to work each day on the Channel Tunnel Rail Link." Or rather, get in their cars and drive, seeing as Eurostar is cutting back its Ashford services in favour of Ebbsfleet. Of course the council claim nothing is wrong and both sides quote competing statistics to back themselves up.


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