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Thursday, September 28, 2006
Goings-on at Battersea
And I don't mean the collapse of the crane at the huge and ugly Barratts development down there. Last week it emerged that Parkview are in talks to sell a controlling stake in the power station development to Treasury Holdings, an Irish developer. Treasury has apparently been getting Foster & Partners to draw up alternative plans for the site, with more housing to make it commercially viable. Meanwhile, Richard Rogers had an 'informal' meeting with Parkview recently. Watch this space.


Anonymous Claire said...

I think it's disgusting the way these big companies think they can get away and do as they please. I live close to where the crane collapsed and we have started an action group to tackle Barratts, falcon Cranes and Wandsworth Council. Wandsworth council are claiming compensation from Barratts for the flats that had to be demolished but will not stand by the families of those who lost their lives and the residents who are now living under the threat of yet another tower crane being erected to replaced the one that collapsed. Wansdworth Council closed John Milton School, sold the land and effectively let Barratts do as they pleased. They've admitted they didn't even carry out their own risk assessment prior to planning permission being given, even though Barratts were practically buidling on top of neighbouring buildings. When Wandsworth were informed Barratts had made a big long crack along Thessally road, during their drilling and foundation work, Wandsworth told people to complain to Barratts themselves. They didn't even come out to check it out for themselves.

12:54 am  

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