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Monday, October 23, 2006
Olympic stadium blues
After the resignation of Lemley, there was more to set the hacks scribbling this week as it emerged that Richard Rogers has queried the designs for the Olympic Stadium, saying that it should be more 'iconic'. And this is after the ODA announced that it had appointed Team McAlpine as preferred bidder for the stadium because its submission was “the only one that met all the ODA’s prequalification criteria."

The only one? That's pretty desperate. The other team members are HOK Sport and Buro Happold, for the record - and its the same team as did such a good job over at Arsenal's new home. However, it seems like they've got a massively less organised client, as they have till Christmas whether to actually take on the job as they still haven't seen a final design brief. So I'm still unclear how Rogers can crit a design that hasn't even got a brief yet. Sounds like a very British mess already.

Amidst all that, it now seems that West Ham might move into the stadium after Spurs turned it down. Well, that would follow the precedent of Manchester City taking over the ex-Commonwealth Games stadium, in terms of a mediocre team getting a flash stadium and finding that all those extra ticket sales still can't stop them being thrashed by teams like Wigan...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

So, if a flash new stadium needs a mediocre team ........ how come Spurs turned it down?

3:50 pm  

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