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Thursday, October 05, 2006
Wimpey halted in Purfleet
A planning appeal to build more than 570 homes in Purfleet, Essex, has been rejected by Ruth Kelly on design grounds.

Wimpey appealed against Thurrock Borough Council's failure to grant permission for the homes, as well as public space and a river walkway, but after a public inquiry Kelly has upheld the refusal, stating that the site should instead make way for a future "world-leading" development.

She notes that the site would be "highly conspicuous", lying at "the gateway to the [Thames] Gateway" and whatever development takes place on it should be of "high design quality".

The decision was taken following design advice provided by CABE. A spokeswoman from Wimpey said: "We are looking at the implications of the decision before planning any next steps." The company has already secured an earlier permission for 504 homes on the site.

Update: I just read that this scheme is designed by Ian Ritchie Architects, a well-known design firm whose prinicpal judges the Stirling Prize. This must be quite an embarrassment.


Anonymous Rob said...

I've just picked up this morning's AJ. Check the letter's page...big apology from them about screwing up their report about this. Turns out it wasn't by Ritchie at all.

Was that where you saw it?

10:15 am  

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