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Wednesday, November 15, 2006
EP/Housing Corp merger
Looks like its all systems go, despite some murmurs of discontent from the Treasury about the costs of setting up the new body. Apparently we may hear something officially on the 20th.

Likely to be called Communities England, it also appears that it will be headed up by civil servant Richard McCarthy, currently a senior director of the DCLG, and presently chairing the joint EP/corporation board that is managing the merger. It held its first meeting last week. McCarthy is also close to Baroness Ford, EP’s chairman, and is a former chief executive of the Peabody Trust and chairman of the National Housing Federation.

Communities England would take over the DCLG’s responsibilities for programmes such as stock transfer, arm’s length management organisations, housing market renewal, the Thames Gateway and neighbourhood renewal.

It will take between nine and 18 months to set up because of the need to secure parliamentary approval for winding up the corporation and EP, as they are both statutory bodies.


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