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Wednesday, November 01, 2006
Lemley spills the beans
Ooh, how embarrassing. After resigning a couple of weeks ago as the chair of the ODA, when everyone said nice platitudinous things about him, Jack Lemley has exposed the real reasons for his departure to his local paper, the Idaho Statesman.

He claimed that politics was threatening to bring the project in late and over-budget. He said there had been a “huge amount of local politics” involved in moving the 300 businesses from the 700-acre Olympic site in East London. He said that the issue was the “kind of thing that confuses and frustrates the process.”

Lemley said that he resigned because he did not want to have his reputation of delivering projects on time ruined. He said: “I felt it better to come home now than face that in five or six years. I went there to build things, not to sit and talk about it, so I felt it best to leave the post and come home.”

Lemley also criticised the current debate over whether the main Olympic arena should be converted into a football stadium after the games declaring that: “A football field was not compatible with an athletic stadium”. Watch out, West Ham.


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