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Wednesday, November 08, 2006
WorldChanging book
Yesterday I received my contributor's copy of the eponymous book from worldchanging.com (where I write, recently on Google Sketch-up and before that on Kinsale's Energy Descent Action Plan, Ecoliteracy and more) and it is humungously exciting. Beautifully designed, packed with authoritative, pithy articles on everything from nanotechnology to urbanism to lightbulbs, it really is the definitive "User's Guide to the 21st Century" as the strapline has it.

And all priced at a very reasonable £24.95 (£16.46 on Amazon, though please support your local bookshop...) so guys, you know what to get all your friends for Christmas! Shameless plug, I know - but with a foreword by Al Gore and rave reviews from the other side of the Atlantic where it is already released, the book speaks for itself. Out officially on the 24th November.


Anonymous Yishay said...

Thanks but...

couldn't find it on amazon.co.uk (at least not on the launch day), and don't think I've seen it in the local shops. How about organizing a local launch with a few boxes of books to sell on the spot? I can help with a venue.

- Yishay (yishaym at gmail)

12:09 am  

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