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Monday, December 04, 2006
Post lapse
Oh dear - sorry. A week of unexpected amounts of things to do, followed by a week in Bucharest running a workshop on culturally led regeneration for the British Council, means it is a shockingly long time since I last posted. And indeed there may be more changes afoot in my blogging life as a few changes take place to what I'm up to, but more of that soon.

The big stories while I've been AWOL have involved Battersea Power Station being bought for £400m by an Irish consortium - possibly the least unexpected deal of the year as we've known about the negotations for some time.

Also more Olympics news, with Ricky Burdett being offically unveiled as a design adviser to the ODA, and the ex-Archigram and creator of a blob in Graz, Peter Cook, being brought on board to HOK's team for the stadium to spice it up some. Zaha's aquatic centre came out with nil points on the environmental front, and got massively scaled down in size. That's beside yet more boring speculation on costs etc.

And finally, I managed to avoid the Thames Gateway Forum, the consultants worst nightmare, where the government unveiled some interim reports and strategies and stuff, CABE launched its hasty 'vision for the Gateway' stuff (entitled 'New Things Happen', would you believe) and press releases came flying out of the wires like so much confetti.

And meanwhile I'm back on track for the release of the Barker Review of Planning tomorrow, and boy I bet you all can't wait, after all that excitement over that


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