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Monday, January 29, 2007
In brief: greenwash doesn't work, tall buildings, EP investment, expo, DfL
Hmm. the much-vaunted wind turbines on top of Palestra (now home to the LDA and TfL) have gone missing, actually removed at the manufacturer's request after a fault was found with a turbine elsewhere.

CABE and English Heritage have launched their draft tall buildings strategy.

EP reckons it could raise £10bn from institutional City investors once it merges with the Housing Corp. Nick Ebbs, director of the regeneration investment fund Blueprint, said there was a large appetite in the City for housing and regeneration investment. “The Treasury has come to the conclusion that there’s a huge weight of money that wants to find ways of investing in property. It’s the way forward."

Newcastle wants to host one of those very C20 events, a housing expo. Get ready for a retro-fest.

And Peter Bishop, new head of Design for London, gave an interview where he unsurprisingly said that he was going to take a fresh look at all the programmes that the AUU has been running. Because BD doesn't have anything better to do, it decided to headline the article with "100 public spaces halved" when of course, he only suggested that a few might get scrapped...

...while his boss Ken is living it up in Davos and even getting into this blogging malarkey. At least, if you call Comment is Free a blog, which I have my doubts about.


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