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Monday, January 08, 2007
Yvette Cooper: 'We need to build differently' and other green things
Well no sweat. (Sorry for the needless sarcasm.) Cooper came out talking the other day about her mission to get us to zero-carbon housing in ten years and how that means we need to do things differently.

"Whether it be turf on the roof, wind turbines in the garden, heat pumps below the basement or micro boilers, the homes of the future will need to be powered in a completely different way." Well, I'm not sure how green roofs help generate electricity, but anyway, we'll let that one slip for now.

Meanwhile Ken has commissioned Arup to produce a report on how planning in the capital should respond to the accelerating threat of global warming. The study will range from domestic generation all the way up to city-wide planning strategy and look at the feasibility of introducing various new policies into the London Plan revisions due out later this year. Should be interesting, as Ken tried to put his 'exemplar climate-change city' pledge into action.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

"accelerating threat of global warming", I think Ken meant "accelerating awarness of the fact of global warming that many have been aware of for some time and others have tried to ignore"

12:52 pm  

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