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Wednesday, February 28, 2007
Some quick links
I'm not going to be able to blog for the rest of the week so here's a quick round-up of a few interesting leftovers:

London Remade, the capital's recycling agency, plans to deliver 20 new recycling facilities over the next 3-5 years, with the aim of London processing 85% of its own waste by 2020.

Useful article in Building on the legal frameworks for zero-carbon housing. According to Mel, Building has downed some of its firewalls so maybe this article is accessible sans password - can someone let me know? if this is really true, I applaud them.

I totally agree with ippr's Dermot Finch on Borough Market and the silly hysteria being whipped up by the campaign at sabmac. To make it all clear: the market is not going to close of be destroyed by the much-needed Thameslink upgrade. IT WILL STILL BE THERE if you want to buy overpriced artichokes. A few buildings will be demolished but hardly any - I know, I worked right there until a few months ago. And we need Thameslink.

And a fairly good article on New Islington after a year of occupancy. A little depressing in predictable ways.


Anonymous Ben Jones said...

I could see the Building article without subscription.

3:50 pm  

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