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Friday, March 09, 2007
In brief: architects in politics, takeovers, salaries etc...
Architect Kisho Kurokawa is going to stand for governor of Tokyo. I'm all in favour of this. Apparently he wants to abandon Tokyo's bid for the 2016 Olympics.

Castle Bidco has had a bid accepted for Crest Nicholson, at the enormous sum of £715m.

Apparently architects are experiencing a salary boom. Unfortunately, it seems from my personal experience that this is strictly limited to the large or commercial firms, not the small-to-medium design-led firms who also have lots more work on, but are still often offering shockingly low salaries. I think that people shouldn't stand for that, personally - I know how hard it is to find good staff and so the ones you have should be compensated accordingly. If you've got lots of work in the office and still can't afford to pay people decently, there's something wrong with your business plan.

IKEA's BoKlok flatpack homes have got planning permission for their inaugural UK site near Gateshead.

The infamous Vinoly Walkie-Talkie skyscraper has started its trial by public inquiry.

This was a non-story about the £60,000 house, which was never going to be sold for £60k. At the formula of equal portions site purchase, construction cost and profit, a sale price of £180,000 is around the expected mark, I would have thought.


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