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Wednesday, April 04, 2007
Quick links
Oh, sorry...I've been way too busy to post recently. And am about to escape for Easter to a place with no internet. So here's a rather dry round-up of some recent things that caught my eye.

Vinoly has beat Fosters on their own territory, winning the contract to develop plans for Battersa Power Station under its new owners. It will remain to be seen whether his plans will get built, however - given the lengthy history of discarded schemes that the site carries.

Another in the list of white elephants, the always ridiculous scheme for a huge indoor ski slope in Sheffield is going down the pan, as the developer Menta is on the point of entering adminstration, with huge financial problems.

The competition for designers for Barking Riverside has been launched. And in the Kent gateway, Land Secs is going to venture into housebuilding in order to keep closer control of the quality of its huge Ebbsfleet sites. With the growth of mixed-use as a sine qua non in contemporary development, this doesn't surprise me and is an interesting move.

You can look forward to a complete restructure of Building Regulations, just about the time you manage to figure out the new Part L. Abolishing planning permission for micro-generation equipment moved a step closer this week. Last week Building had quite a useful round-up that weighs up the effectiveness of micro-generation options. And public buildings will have to publicly display their energy consumption from next year.

Last week Design for London announced the membership of its advisory group which includes many usual suspects (Farshid Moussavi, Hanif Kara, Kees Christianse) alongside Spencer de Grey and David Levitt.

And in the comedy news of the week, Ashford Future's CEO has resigned after porn was found on his computer...Everything you think about men in the development industry is clearly true.


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